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Meet Our Staff

Tara Madigan,
Executive Director
2022-03-03, 1_10_32 PM.jpg

Meet Tara Madigan, the Executive Director of KFFRC! Tara has been the Executive Director of KFFRC since 2021, but had been with our organization for several years prior

as a Family Resource Educator. As the ED, Tara is dedicated to continuously looking for ways to promote our organization and the wonderful things it does, support staff with further training and education, and continuing to build connections in the greater communities in which we serve.

Marilyn Power,
Family Resource Educator
2022-03-07, 9_08_55 AM.jpg

Meet Marilyn, our Family Resource Educator in Bay Bulls! Marilyn has been with the KFFRC for over 10 years. She loves connecting with all the amazing families in the area. Marilyn is known for being as sweet as can be, and can make anyone feel right at home in her Resource Centre. She is passionate about being able to support families along the many southern shore communities.

Shannon Ryan,
Family Resource Educator
2022-03-07, 9_39_34 AM.jpg

Shannon is the Family Resource Educator for our Ferryland site. Shannon has worked with the KFFRC since 2020 and brings extensive experience in working with children with high needs, and is passionate about increasing accessibility and supports at our resource centres.

Michelle Downey,
Healthy Baby Club Facilitator
2022-03-03, 1_10_15 PM.jpg

Michelle is our Healthy Baby Club Facilitator based out of our Goulds Centre. She has been a part of the KFFRC for over 20 years! Michelle brings an immense wealth of knowledge to the KFFRC about perinatal issues and prenatal development. She strives to go above and beyond for the new mothers that she works with, and is dedicated to making the mothers in her group her top priority.

Lesa Terry,
Family Resource Educator
2022-03-03, 1_09_19 PM.jpg

Lesa is the Family Resource Educator at our Goulds site! A native to the Goulds, you can always count on Lesa to be the one to say "Goulds Rules"! Lesa is very passionate about the community she knows and loves, and is constantly thinking of new ways she can help support the families in her community. Everyone who has met Lesa can attest to the kindness and spirit she brings to every situation!

Lisa Williams-Woodfine,
Family Resource Educator

Lisa is the newest member of our staff as Family Resource Educator at our Kilbride site. Lisa is the proud mom of two children and has a degree in primary education!

Lisa has been working hard to ensure that we offer the best programs for our families.

AnnMarie Hann,
Parent Resource Educator
2022-03-03, 3_27_35 PM.jpg

As our Parent Resource Educator, AnnMarie has 20+ years under

her belt with the KFFRC, and has been an integral part of the growth of the KFFRC over the years. AnnMarie also facilitates

our virtual session of 

Healthy Baby Club. From Witless Bay herself, AnnMarie is passionate about community development along the southern shore.

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